Abortionist Exposes True Agenda: ‘Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies’

Planned Parenthood

We’ve covered the Black Holocaust movie, with segments being posted most every Sunday.  We know that an important aspect of the pro-life movement is racism, and the termination of black babies.  We’ve shown that the eugenics movement is alive and well, and has embedded itself in the “right to choose,” in order to protect it from public outrage.  However, a recent video released by Operation Save America shows that one abortionist, Ron Virmani,  slipped and let the agenda out.  The Blaze has the video


I think that’s pretty clear.  The Eugenics movement complained about how much the “defectives,” like blacks, cost the society in terms of welfare and crime.  This man parroted these points in detail.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the NAACP to protest this man, I would never recommend anoxia to my readers.