Looking at the Electoral Map and the Potential for Voter Fraud

Over the past week, in making my rounds of conservative and libertarian blogs, I have seen numerous comments from people concerned about the potential for voter fraud in the coming election. Voter fraud is worthy of our concern. It’s real. It happens in spite of what Eric Holder, the Democrats, and the MSM say to the contrary.

Sherman Broder at his Property…Freedom…Peace blog demonstrates his concern for voter by wondering if certain dots can be connected and, if so, does it indicate that Democrats are attempting to steal the election? The dots in question are twenty article links he provides all having to do with real voter fraud or by the Obama administration to block voter ID laws or to prevent purging of voter rolls. He also links this article at Human Events by Rodger Hedgecock about stealing the election. He says:

The  voter rolls of this country are stuffed with illegal aliens, felons and dead  people, who not only vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Citizens in uniform serving overseas, who might vote Republican, are  routinely denied the right to vote when ballots are mailed “too late” to be  returned in time to count.  When a Republican wins a close race, uncounted  ballots are “found” in the backseat of a Democrat poll worker’s  car.

Rodger then goes on to describe three ways Democrats cheat:

    1. Sign up  illegal aliens to vote.
    2. Sign up felons to  vote.
    3. Keep the voting dead on the rolls.

    Yesterday, Rick Moran writing at American Thinker used this title: Voting fraud? Sometimes, it changes history.  The article contains a review of the 2008 Minnesota Senatorial contest between Republican Senator Norm  Coleman and his challenger , Democrat Al Franken. The morning after the vote tally showed Coleman winning by 725 votes. The short version of the story is that the Democrats challenged the results and after eight months of  wrangling and litigation, Al Franken was declared the winner by 312 votes. Later, a group called Minnesota Majority decided to investigate claims of voter fraud. Their efforts found that 1,099 felons had been allowed to vote. Although the state’s Attorney General did not want to prosecute the felons, however, they were pressured into doing so. Thus far, 177 have been convicted. Why not more you might ask.  Well to convict a person of voter fraud in Minnesota requires not only proof that they voted illegally; but it must also be proved that they knew that what they were doing was illegal. So, if a felon says “I didn’t know it was illegal for me to vote” the charges are dropped.

    So, let me repeat myself. Voter fraud does happen and it can change the outcome of close elections.

    Let’s take a trip to election day 2012 and set-up a hypothetical case. First I need to open this Real Clear Politics link on another page.  Scroll down the RCP page and click on their electoral map. Okay, according to this RCP Electoral Map (I do not vouch for the validity of this map), this is what the numbers at the top mean: if all the red and leaning red states go for Obama, he has a virtual lock on 247 electoral college votes; and if all the blue and leaning blue states go for Romney. ne has a lock on 191 electoral college votes and there are 100 electoral votes up for grabs in eight states.  So, Obama theoretically only needs to win 23 electoral college votes from the eight toss-up states. Looking at the electoral votes for each of the toss-up states, we see there are many combinations that would give Obama his victory. One simple combination would be if he won New Hampshire and Ohio. Obama would reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

    Let’s use New Hampshire and Ohio in our imaginary trip to election day, 2012. Team Obama has people at every important precinct in all of the toss-up states doing exit polls. The exit polls tell them that Obama will win New Hampshire; but Ohio is neck and neck. Team Obama is prepared for such  a situation. They have their militants ready. They long ago collected the names and addresses of registered dead voters and registered felons and derelicts and each militant has their assignment of what precincts to go to and under what names they should vote.

    Back to reality. Please understand that I am not making a claim that Democrats will in fact try to steal this election. What I am saying is that knowing Obama’s history and knowing what low lifes are people like David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, the potential for voter fraud does exist and we must be prepared.

    What can we do to stop or mitigate voter fraud? Plenty! If you live in one of the toss-up states or you have friends or relatives who live in those states, get yourself or them involved in the process. The Republicans and the Tea Parties are going to need help staffing all of the voter precincts with observers so at least the vote counts are honest and that ballots do not disappear. But, the best  way to stop or mitigate voter fraud is not to allow the elections to be close and that means TURNING OUT REPUBLICAN VOTERS! Agian, get yourself, your family, and your friends involved.  The local Republican Parties and the Tea Parties will have lists of registered Republican voters and their addresses. Turning out the vote means going door to door and encouraging the Republicans to go vote and even offering them a ride to and from their voting station, if necessary.

    This election is too important to leave anything to chance. You can bet that Team Obama will leave nothing to chance.

    Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

    Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire