Did the Obama Administration Tell Local Authorities to Take it Easy on the Occupods?

We know that the occupods caused millions of dollars in damages, committed multiple rapes,  and generally made a nuisance of themselves, local governments had difficulty with assigning the necessary resources in order to protect life and property.  However, it appears that the Obama Administration was very helpful, and gave wise advise…

The Obama administration told law enforcement authorities to go easy on Occupy Wall Street protesters, even though they were violating local laws, according to documents obtained by watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Emails from the General Services Administration show that the federal agency, acting on orders from the White House, told federal law enforcement authorities in Portland, Ore., not to enforce curfews on protesters camped out on federal property…

“They have chained themselves to a large drum filled with concrete,” reads an email from Department of Homeland Security/National Protection and Programs Directorate Chief of Staff Caitlin Durkovich to GSA Public Buildings Service Commissioner Robert Peck. “GSA controls the permits and has asked FPS [Federal Protective Services] not to enforce the curfew at park and the prohibition on overnight encampments…

Peck — who later resigned amid revelations his agency held lavish junkets at taxpayers’ expense — replied: “Caitlin: yes, that is our position; it’s been vetted with our administrator and Michael Robertson, our chief of staff, and we have communicated with the WH [White House], which has afforded us the discretion to fashion our approach to Occupy issues…The arrests last week were carried out despite our request that the protesters be allowed to remain and to camp overnight…”

Well, it seems that there is a big difference between the Tea Party…

No rapes

No murders

No vandalism (in fact, they often left the place they visited cleaner than it was before)

But, my friends, that same Obama Administration declared the Tea Parties “Dangerous Terrorists!”  And then, to top it off?  The administration sends letters to local governments telling them to not arrest the occupods!

H/T:  The Daily Caller

The Conservative Resistance Is On The Path To Victory

How’s that for starting out the week on a positive note? In a long article, on the order of 3000 words, Daren Jonescu at American Thinker makes the case for our ultimate victory. By the second paragraph, I was hooked and had to keep reading to see where his thought thread was leading. In essence, he makes the case that our 100 year history of losing every major policy battle is what is leading us to victory. It is not so much that we will finally win the final battle. On the contrary, it is the frustration of our long and growing resistance is slowing down the liberal’s progress will cause them to finally over play their hand causing an absolute tidal wave of resistance that will wash them away for good. In other words, liberals will  end up defeating themselves. Let’s see how Jonescu arrives at this interesting conclusion.

Early in his piece, Jonescu challenges conservatives about their motivation. Conservatism by its nature is not about being radical or revolutionary. It is about preserving, conserving, and maintaining. Do conservatives know and agree on what it is they want to conserve and maintain? Although the author believes that American conservatives know very well where they want to go, we would have to agree, wold we not, not all conservatives are created equally. Many would say that the goal is to return to the limited government that our Founders envisioned and described in our constitution. Others would be content with smaller less intrusive federal government but they would still want to maintain some level of social programs. A few would go much further, wanting to do what the Founders were charged with doing and fix the Articles of Confederation.

Jonescu paints a very disturbing picture of where America is today:

Despite  all of Barack Obama’s hoopla about “fundamentally transforming” America, the  truth of the matter is even scarier than Obama’s threatening promise: the  fundamental transformation has, to a large extent, already happened.   Contemporary society has been gradually undermined, in the strict sense of  having had its terrain booby-trapped with moral explosives, over many  decades.  Obama’s promised transformation is merely the paperwork, writing  into law what has already been accomplished in culture.

In  short, Western society has essentially ceased to be the glorious crown of  humanity that it once was.  The wellspring of ethical individualism has  regressed into a fear-addled horde of collectivists.

[… ]

And  the civilization that, through its dual focus on human reason and the individual  soul, planted the seed of that political liberty which is literally  inconceivable in any other historical context has allowed itself to recede into  an increasingly unvarnished mob of angry, frightened children clamoring for  their “fair share,” for what they are “entitled to” — for a ruler to take care  of them, freedom be damned.

The author goes on to explain how, in Europe and the rest of the West, the decline into socialism has met less resistance than in America and, therefore, the liberals in Other Western nations were able to achieve their ends without showing their true colors. But, in America, we freedom lovers have been a much bigger thorn in the side of the liberals.

…This strength and this vehemence have manifested themselves in angry, careless  lurches, wild punches that expose progressives and their real agenda more fully  than they would ever have wished to expose themselves.

And  their open aggression has, as it were, awakened a sleeping giant.  The Tea  Party is the direct product of progressivism’s excessive “vehemence.”  And  the Tea Party’s effect, in turn, has been to stoke the left’s ire that much  further.  Even President Obama, who was intended to be the European-style  kinder, gentler face of socialism, has become angry at this resistance and has  dropped the veneer.

And, how does Me. Jonescu see this playing out?

The  days lying ahead of America will often be treacherous and sad.  They will  require nerves of steel from those who would resist progressivism’s desperate  last stand.  It has become patently clear that the present Republican Party  establishment is not up for this fight.  Constitutional conservatives must  do it themselves, using the GOP apparatus as just one tool.  They must  remain cool and workmanlike, rebuilding dams faster than the leftist waves can  knock them down.

This  is the means to conservative victory.  One cannot merely “go back” to a  better time.  Societal decay cannot simply be undone.  One must allow  — even encourage — the progressive degeneration to play itself out, fighting  it at every turn until the leftists, seething with an increasingly open hatred  of America, overplay their hand and self-destruct.  Finally, thanks to  steadfast conservative resistance, “progressivism” will be fully exposed for the  empty, anti-human power lust that it truly is.

So, is Mr. Jonescu right? Will the conservative movement finally achieve victory through a few more loses? A strange way to win a war, don’t you think? I find myself agreeing with his logic. Or, maybe it is that I am desperate to belive there is any path to victory for conservatives. All of my grandchildren are adults now and all but two have their own families. Two of my great-grandchildren will start kindergarten this Fall. It is my fervent wish that by the time they are adults that there will be an America waiting for them that is much closer to the America in which I grew-up in the fifties. It wasn’t perfect; but, it was pretty damn good!

Whether you agree with Mr. Jonescu or not, I do hope you will bookmark his article and read it at your leisure. He is a very talented writer.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

Imagining A Brighter Future: Stocking a Romney Administration with Conservative Talent

Let’s think big picture here folks- in 2012, we have a chance to elect to the House and Senate people (and I honestly don’t care what party they are from) who will push for a balanced budget, reform of our entitlement programs so that they will be more fiscally sound, protection of private property, lower and more fair tax rates (more fair means flatter with less loopholes for politically connected elites), less regulations on businesses, more liberty and freedom for consumers and investors, and increased efficiency in the delivery of government services. These sorts of ‘tea party’ Congressman will drive the agenda, generate ideas, and provide oversight to the other two branches.

In the meantime, we have a chance to rally behind an effective and able clerk of a President, Mitt Romney, who will capably exercise the executive powers of the United States and serve as a good diplomat, effective CEO, able commander-in-chief, and solid head of state. Sure, he probably isn’t going to generate the ideas, drive the agenda, or be a mover-and-shaker in the White House- but he’ll be good enough for the next 4 to 8 years, and that’s okay too.

Furthermore, if the Republican Party rallies behind Romney and helps him to defeatBarack Obama, there is an opportunity to stock his administration with the kid of talent that will help set up the future of our nation over the next several years. Romney can name as his Vice President or put in his administration as top cabinet officers some young, exciting, conservatives- people who currently are not considered for the President because they lack executive experience and a track record of success at the national level- the very things that they can get while serving in a Romney administration. Remember people, this isn’t a liberal blog, so I don’t think people are just entitled to positions of authority and power and I actually think results and experience matter- so let’s give our young, exciting, conservative Tea Party voices the experience and track record of success to pair with their ideas and views, and assure our nation a brighter future.

Previously I have suggested that he name as his Vice President Sarah Palin, arguing that she would be a positive asset to his campaign and would provide his administration with a great voice (I’ve also suggested that Palin be named as Secretary of Energy, another effective use of her talents). Other great candidates who Romney could pick for Vice President or Cabinet positions are Michelle Bachmann,Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, Jeb Bush, or even Rand Paul. All of these people would balance the ticket and be the sort of young, exciting, passionate conservatives who would bring a great voice to Washington and get experience and gain in leadership to set up future runs for the President. Imagine all of them in an administration headed up by Romney with a Republican Congress dominated by tea-party types, and your day is sure to brighten!

Even further outside the box though is Condoleezza Rice. People aren’t talking about her, but she would make an amazing VP and addition to the ticket, and if not VP she could step in right away and be an immediate asset as a cabinet Secretary of State.The Washington Times recently reminded that she is still out there:

…America’s first black female secretary of state is quietly positioning herself to be the top choice of the eventual Republican presidential nominee, ready to deliver bona fide foreign-policy credentials lacking among the candidates. The 56-year-old has recently raised her profile, releasing her memoir in November and embarking on a monthlong book tour.

After 2 1/2 years as a professor at Stanford, Miss Rice is reportedly getting “antsy” to get back into the political game. “She’s ready to go,” said one top source.

Ready indeed. She still rises at 5:30 a.m. and runs through a vigorous P90X workout. (Her guns are now a match for those of first lady Michelle Obama.) Sure, she’s been playing a lot of golf, and no doubt banging on the piano (sometimes with cellist Yo-Yo Ma), but she’s clearly ready for more.

Her addition to the ticket, which wouldn’t come until late next summer, would dramatically change the dynamics of the 2012 election. As a black woman - her family has roots in the Deep South stretching back to beforeCivil War era, and worked as sharecroppers after emancipation - she would mute Democrats’ charges of racism among conservatives, especially tea party members. And her sex would likely prompt moderate women to take a serious look at the Republican ticket….

I know many of us want the Presidential candidate from the Republican Party to be the bold, bright conservative that boldly shoots tea party values, but the truth of the matter is that generic Republican does better in the general election than anyone matching that description, and so let’s pick generic Republican Romney, win the election, and then staff his administration with the future. Get excited people!

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A Tale of Three Stories: The Occupods Terrorize, Expose Themselves, and What Santa Brought

When the occupods decide to subject you to Alinsky’s Rule #8, it’s apparently clothing optional.  For those of you new to this, Alinsky’s Rule 8 is as follows…

8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

In other words, when leftists target someone, they’ll show up at his or her home, their place of work, their children’s schools, their favorite stores, their churches, and so forth.  The whole idea is to use terror and intimidation to silence opponents.  Also, it serves as a warning to others.  After all, who wants to be harassed endlessly by a pack of screaming would-be Marxists?

Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, let’s take a look at our stories for today.

Occupy Eugene Protesters Subject Children to Nudity:

Yes, even children are targets.  This is what happened to a city Councilman who apparently ran afoul of the occupods…

Eugene City Councilor George Poling has had enough.

For the second time this week, masked protesters on Thursday staged a nighttime demonstration outside Poling’s northeast Eugene home in an incident captured on video and posted online.

Poling said the two incidents unnerved him and his wife — and prompted him on Friday to demand that the city provide him with extra security.

A Eugene woman is speaking out after she and her family accidentally stumbled upon a topless protest outside City Councilor George Poling’s house.

The woman says she was taking her six and eight year old boys out to look at Christmas lights when she saw a group of topless women, with bags over their heads and red paint on their bodies.

She said the demonstration was being video taped by a man.

Here is the video. WARNING:  There is nudity in the video, this is NOT a child friendly post!


Here is another video, of another action against the same target(s).


As you can see, they are tresspassing, and their goal is to shock, and, of course, to intimidate.

Source:  OWS Exposed

And now, for the second story…

Occupy Portland’s “Pot Luck” for the “Entire Community” not Terribly Appetizing:

Occupy Portland, the land of IED’s. Molotov cocktails, and a huge variety of other crimes, held an “Occufest,” which was supposed to be a “family friendly” event.  Family friendly, that is, if you your family is a pack of perverts…

From the video: Dateline Portland Oregon, January 1, 2012: Video has surfaced of a Occupy Leader, Wade A. Varner exposing himself at “OccuFest,” a family friendly event open to the public. Varner is currently seeking the use of Terry Shrunk Plaza from the Federal Government for a future Occupy Event. In the video, Varner, who runs in to TEA Party members, decides to drop his pants, clearly exposing his massive buttocks, anus and scrotum.

Once again, here is some rather indecent video…


Source:  Gateway Pundit

And, in a completely and totally urelated story…

Santa’s Elves Were Extra Busy this Past December:

One gift in particular, required a great deal of machining…

According to the FBI, over 1.5 million background checks on customers were requested by gun dealers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in December. Nearly 500,000 of those were in the six days before Christmas.

It was the highest number ever in a single month, surpassing the previous record set in November.

On Dec 23 alone there were 102,222 background checks, making it the second busiest single day for buying guns in history.

The actual number of guns bought may have been even higher if individual customers took home more than one each.

The Second Amendment is a beautiful thing.

Elect a ‘Clerk’ For President in 2012 and Restore Founding Father’s Vision of Executive Branch?

The President of the United States should be clerk, and nothing more. Conservatives and Tea Party people should not be looking for the President to be a ‘king’ who commands us to go forth and do his bidding, they should not be looking for the President to be the source of ideas about how government should run, and they should not be looking for the President to be an outsider who will shake up Washington.

The office, as designed by our Founding Fathers and illustrated in Article II of the Constitution, is an office that empowers the President of the United States to execute the laws passed by Congress in the most efficient manner, act as Commander-in-Chief of our military, act as the dignified ceremonial chief of state, handle foreign policy with other nations, and discharge effectively the various other duties of the office. A true conservative or someone who wants our nation to return to itsFounding Principles should be pushing for the person who is best able to act as a clerk, a manager, and a CEO for America Inc.

You see, in reality the presidency is essentially a glorified clerk in our system, and is not actually a game-changing all-powerful King. The power of the President stems from his ability to use his office to trade favors or the promise of favors to accomplish the goal of efficiently managing the affairs of the state; his power does not (nor should it) from his ability to order others to do his bidding and his ability to issue executive orders and put in place policies. The legislative branch is better and more powerfully designed for those purposes, and so all decisions about the laws and policies of our nation should be generated from that branch, and then the President implements them in an efficient and able manner.

The President is able to implement these policies in an able and efficient manner because he has lots of little pieces of power spread through out nation’s political system- he is able to send troops abroad, deliver the state of the union address, control various executive departments, play a vital role in the budgeting process, issues pardons and grant reprieves, etc, and he can also use his informal power and influence to invite policy leaders to the White House, go on national TV, lobby for legislation, etc. His power- both real and perceived- gets others to re-appraise what is in their best interest, and they are then persuaded that it is better to get along with the President and what he wants to do rather than fight against his able and methodical and efficient powers.

Look, I know this isn’t exciting to you guys- you all want a President who will blow your socks off, light up the system, ride in on a horse of hope and change and remake the world. You want a king to rule you and control other people who you disagree with. You wish that someone who will go into the White House and then start just shutting down executive departments, slashing spending on programs, and ignoring the Judicial and Legislative Branches to bring you closer to our Founding Fathers. The problem is, that isn’t how our Founding Fathers designed the office of the President and it is not how our Founding Fathers would have wanted the system to work, and once you go down the path to making our President a King, he can be a liberal King too in a short 4 to 8 years.

As I wrote in Calvin Coolidge, One of the Best Presidents?:

The best Presidents are those who did very little, ran the executive office smoothly and without problems or corruption, and conformed to the Constitution as closely as possible. Jefferson was President for two terms, and other then the Louisiana Purchase, his administration happily has little to note other than peace and prosperity. James Madison had to respond to the War of 1812, yes- but other than that, peace and prosperity. Calvin Coolidge was like this too- nothing to note during his time in office other than nothing to note- peoples lives were protected, the nation was prosperous, and property was well protected.

The President is a powerful person in our political system- but he has grown too powerful, and I don’t want him to become even more powerful and active and arbitrary, even if for a while he would be doing so in a conservative or libertarian manner. Rather, our President should be good at working with the Congress to effect significant changes to our laws and policies, he should be good at closing doors and coming out of them with policy-leaders minds changed, he should know our political system inside and out and understand how to move various levers to get stuff done, and he should be able to judiciously use his public prestige to pressure leaders to voluntarily arrive at policy decisions that he supports. He should be a competent manager and efficient steward of taxpayer resources. At the end of his Presidency, we should not say that he brought hope and change to the American system, but rather we should say that when he left after eight quiet years as President, peoples lives had been protected from domestic and international threats, that the nation had remained prosperous and free of debts, and that private property had been well protected and preserved.

The description of a ‘great’ President that I have outlined above is most definitely not a description of our current President. President Barack Obama went into the White House without the skills needed to be an effective or even good President, and he has shown no desire to put in the hard work, the humility, and the intelligence to acquire these skills. Yes, I know that during his first two years much legislation was passed (which he now claims makes him the fourth best President ever)- but that was during a time period when one element of society- liberal Democrats- controlled almost all the national levers of policy-making (House, Senate, President, and bureaucracy)- and since that time, more elements of society are represented in our political system, and he has demonstrated that in these more pluralistic and typical circumstances that he is completely ineffective. You see, the earlier ‘success’ he had in driving the policy-agenda was really because it was being driven by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who pushed their legislation and priorities in spite of what Obama desired or wanted- those who have been part of this legislation have written several times that the White House was remarkably passive during that time period and just went along with whatever Congress wanted (which in itself is not a bad thing, but in the context of demonstrating leadership it is). But once Obama’s party lost control of the House, we were able to see truly just how bad a President he is and how bad he as at filling this office.

President Obama is poor at working with Congress, bad at working with others of different opinions than his own, too quick to attack in public those who he disagrees with (probably because he is so awful at convincing them to change policies behind closed doors), he does not know how to use all the various levers in policy-making that he has, and overuses the prestige of his office such that it the prestige has been watered down (I’m imaging him promoting Monday Night Football right now). He is an incompetent manager and a poor steward of taxpayer resources (his family is spending millions in taxpayer money on a vacation to Hawaii as I write this). At the end of his Presidency (hopefully next year), we’ll look back at the last four years as being some of the most chaotic and partisan and rough years, and look at his record as our President- a nation that is less prosperous, less free, burdened with debts, with horribly destroyed foundations (crumbling roads, bridges, schools, and Social Security, Medicare, and other programs that have been bankrupted and unreformed), and with private property under attack (Occupy Wall Street, Dodd-Frank, the bankruptcy of GM, etc). President Obama is a bad President.

Could any of the Republican candidates for President be a ‘great’ President? I don’t know- I’ll let you make your own decisions on that for now. But much of what I wrote here I pulled from an earlier post I wrote called Ron Paul- Drop Out of the Race where I considered Congressman Paul’s candidacy in light of these ideas. But do Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, or Santorum meet the qualifications I laid out above better than Obama? They likely do- for example, look at Romney’s experience as Governor of at blue-state or saving the Salt Lake City Olympics, or Perry’s able Governorship of successful Texas, or Gingrich’s record of balancing the budget with aDemocratic President, but I surely must revisit this concept and evaluate the GOP candidates accordingly in a later post- be sure to check back often on my blog for this post.

Oh, and in reply to the liberals and progressives and fascists who are emailing me trying to personally attack me- I do have several degrees from good universities in public policy, I teach government for a living, and my argument is based in part on professor Richard Neustadt’s book Presidential Power (purchase the book today-Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents: The Politics of Leadership from Roosevelt to Reagan). My arguments are sound and hopefully well-reasoned, and as always, I’d love to defend them in print or on the radio, and I would love it if you would email this post or link to it on your blog so that our Presidential election in 2012 is that much more informed.

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Occupy Update: Anarchists, Infiltrators, and Weapons

While the Occupy Movement seems to winding down, at least for the winter, there is still some news to report.  First, here is news of a weapons cache…

I would like to note that while the local media reported the story, they were very kind to the occupods. However, the facts are this…

1. Look at any G-8 protest, and there are anarchists there.

2. Look at any protest at a political convention, and there are anarchists there.

3. Look at pretty much any significant leftist protest, and there are anarchists there.

4.  And at almost any leftist protest, there are anarchists there, destroying things, and attacking the police.

5. At no point in time do the allegedly “peaceful protesters” do anything to get rid of them.

Get what I’m thinking?  The “peaceful” protesters know that the anarchists will show up.  They also know that they will likely engage in violence of some sort.  They are the goons of the left, and their appearance is expected, and probably planned.

Contrast that with the Tea Parties.  If you recall, there were entire websites devoted to infiltrating and embarrassing the Tea Parties.  In response, the Tea Party folks held signs by infiltrators, stating “not one of us.” Also, they videoed and followed infiltrators until they left. In other cases, they asked the police to remove infiltrators.  If OWS disavows these “infiltrators,” why don’t they take any action to remove them?  Surely they could take a page out of the Tea Party Playbook, but they don’t.  So, either they are too stupid to remove the people that they do not want, or they have no desire to do so.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

There’s no rest for the Tea Parties

It’s not time to quite, it’s time to take on the GOP establishment.

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Don’t You Go Away Tea Partiers- The GOP Establishment Is Fighting Back

Next week here in my county we’ll have a Republican County Convention, and for those of you who can’t make it, I’ll give you a taste of what it is going to be- a battle between the Tea Party and the Establishment. Although many people in the Tea Party think this is some sort of new battle, it is in reality an old battle in the GOP, one that has pitted the libertarian/conservative/teaparty wing of Taft/Coolidge/Goldwater/Reagan/Palin vs the moderate/establishment/progressive wing of Roosevelt/Hoover/Nixon/Bush/McCain. For many years, the teaparty wing cowardly left the field of battle and stayed home while the establishment types ran thing, or would win a victory and then go home to pat themselves on the back while their victory was watered down by the establishment, but hopefully today will be different, because although the establishment has suffered some defeats lately, they don’t intend on going home either.

This battle will be joined at the local level, but also at the national level, and at the national level the establishment part will be played by the K Street Lobby. The following is a good story letting you into a peek at this battle at the national level, from the Washington Examiner, called GOP’s K Street Wing Ready for Insurgent Challenge:

The insurgent conservative Republicans and Tea Party candidates elected Tuesday are obviously a pugnacious and determined bunch, but they’re not the only ones fixing for a battle over the direction of the party. The Republican Beltway establishment and the K Street wing of the GOP are ready to fight any effort to end pork-barrel spending and kill corporate welfare.
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Left decries violence; ignores the violence that they commit.

Their memories sure are selective!

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Violence: The Left’s Propaganda, and the Truth

Violence:  The Left’s Propaganda, and the Truth

I think it’s time to revisit the violence associated with the Tea Party movement, and where exactly the fault lies.

Early this week, the left finally got what it was looking for; an example of violence from the right.  After trying so very hard to provoke it for over a year and a half, they finally got their “pound of flesh,” courtesy of Lauren Valle, a Move On operative.  This pic was widely circulated, and decried by the lefty bloggers as the perfect example of how the Tea Party operates.

When this story broke, I let it go, knowing that there was more to it, and that it would eventually come out.  In the meantime, the “victim” made the rounds at the MSM.

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Libs try to stuff Tea Party into their narrative, and fail…yet again.

In typical liberal fashion, a bunch of elitists tried to make the Tea Party fit into their Marxist narrative. It was apparently a train wreck pf epic proportions.

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Berkeley Leftist Academics Try to “Understand” Tea Party, and Fail Miserably

Berkeley Leftist Academics Try to “Understand” Tea Party, and Fail Miserably

When I first saw this article over at Slate, I honestly thought it was a parody.  As it turns out, it was not.  So, here are some excerpts of the article by David Weigel.

On Friday morning we file in for the conference. Just outside are giant tubs of coffee and tea, and abstracts for papers that are in progress or completed.

Prospects for an American Neofascism.Initially the project would consist of a review of recent research on American right wing groups (including the Tea Party movement, the Minutemen, and the Christian right); and of trends in national and transnational political economy that bear on our subject (such as cyclical and structural economic crises, corporate/government interpenetration, and the explosive growth of the military/industrial/security complex).

A Macro-Micro Model of Participation in Political Action: The Tea Party and Cognitive Biases in Information Consumption and Processing.Hypotheses were tested using qualitative data obtained from interviews with two groups: protest participants from various Tea Party protests (protesting group, N-15) and non-protesting Tea Party “supporters” (supporting group, N=3). Results show that strongly held pre-existing beliefs (particularly economic and political individualist ideology) heavily impacted levels of dissatisfaction with government policy and choices of information consumed.

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Tea Party Coloring Book Causes Controversy

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This is one of those stories that really shows how crazed our left actually is.  Apparently, a small company that makes coloring books is under fire for making a coloring book about the Tea Party.  For some background, here is some coverage from Ashley Yarchin at KSDK.

When Coloring Books Attack: Publisher of Tea Party Coloring Book Receives Death Threats

When Coloring Books Attack:  Publisher of Tea Party Coloring Book Receives Death Threats

This is one of those stories that really shows how crazed our left actually is.  Apparently, a small company that makes coloring books is under fire for making a coloring book about the Tea Party.  For some background, here is some coverage from Ashley Yarchin at KSDK.

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False Flag Tea Parties Exposed

From A Conservative Teacher

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Fake Tea Party Group Exposed as Democrat Plot!

Fake Tea Party Group Exposed as Democrat Plot!

The Democrats came up with a neat little plot for the coming General Elections- run “Tea Party” candidates who are not in fact Tea Party candidates and hope to draw votes off of real ‘tea party’ candidates who are running as Republicans. It is a nice plot, and like most Democrat initiatives it is full of deceit and fraud, and like most, it was uncovered and exposed, in time for the election, and voters now have a chance to punish Democrats up and down the ticket for this outrage too.

From an email sent by Ruth Johnson, Oakland County Clerk and GOP Secretary of State candidate:

Oakland County, Mich. – Friday, August 20, 2010 – Ruth Johnson, the Oakland County Clerk/Register, said her office has uncovered apparent evidence of fraud involving the so-called “Fake” Tea Party and one of its candidates.

“We have a candidate filing with signatures we suspect are forged and an out-of-state high school teacher who says he never filed to run for office and has no idea what this is even about,” said Johnson.

On July 23, 2010 a man calling himself Aaron William Tyler filed signed paperwork to run on the November ballot as a Tea Party candidate for the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, District 2 seat. The candidate also filed paperwork to form a campaign committee, Citizens for Aaron Tyler. He listed a Springfield Township address and gave his birth date as Feb. 26, 1983.

However, when Johnson’s office notified Aaron Tyler, now living out-of-state, that he had a $30 late fee for failing to file proper paperwork for his committee, he told Johnson’s Director of Elections, Joe Rozell, that he had no idea what they were talking about and that he had never filed paperwork to run for office. Tyler’s signature on the apparently falsified candidate filing, which had been notarized, does not match his signature on file in the State’s Qualified Voter File.

At a press conference Friday, Johnson read a letter she received today from Aaron Tyler. His signature on today’s letter did match Tyler’s signature in the state’s Qualified Voter File.

“This letter is in regards to the elections filing with the Oakland County Clerk’s office. I was shown a document that states my intention of being placed on the ballot for this fall. I have been in Phoenix, Arizona since July 27, 2010 for a new job. I did not sign this piece of paper. I have been receiving calls in regards to various aspects of this election process and have been confused as to why I was getting those. I figured it must have been some sort of mistake. I finally took the initiative to call the Clerk’s office to investigate and they have helped explain the situation to me. I have no intentions of running for elected office. I believe a fraud was committed.” – Aaron Tyler, Aug. 20, 2010

Legitimate Tea Party organizations across the state have condemned the state’s new Tea Party as a “Fake” Tea party which does not represent them or their beliefs. Election experts have called the state’s new Tea Party a ploy by Democrats to confuse voters.

“Here we have evidence that their concerns may be well-founded,” Johnson said. “We must ensure integrity in our elections. This is a group that is trying to deceive voters and now it appears that they may have committed election fraud. Our state needs an Elections Crimes Unit to investigate allegations like this.”

Johnson said the alleged false Tyler paperwork was notarized by a Jason H. Bauer. According to Michigan Capitol Confidential.com, a Jason Bauer has registered twice to run for office in Oakland County, once as a Democrat in May of this year. Mr. Bauer notarized paperwork for eight Tea Party candidates running in the November election.

Johnson called for election officials across the state to examine all candidate filings by “fake” Tea Party candidates, especially any and all candidate affidavits notarized by the same individual who notarized the Tyler paperwork.

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Truth Lite: Tell me What I Want to Hear

John nails it here.

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Truth-Lite: Tell me what I want to hear

Truth-Lite: Tell me what I want to hear

Yesterday I was talking to a good friend and we were discussing how many people simply don’t want to hear the truth about the dire straits our Republic is currently in.  Most people prefer some sort of modified less scary version of the truth; a truth-lite if you will.

What I mean when I say this is that people tend to prefer a happier version of the truth.  It’s much easier to deal with rather than the harsh painful reality that accompanies brutal honesty or what I call the hard truth.  This is why I believe candidates supported by Tea Party groups are struggling against their Democratic opponents.

Sharron Angle is currently struggling with her message in Nevada against Harry Reid.  She was supported by the Tea Party movement in Nevada because she spoke the hard truth about Social Security and entitlement programs and the movement bought into it.  She stated that Social Security was unsustainable and we must look at the possible privatization or outright reform of it in order for it to remain solvent for those currently receiving it.  After she won the Republican nomination Harry Reid used her words against her by calling her someone with extreme views.  He fed the voters a modified much happier version of the truth and painted a picture of a sustainable Social Security program that would last forever even though most reasonable thinking people know this is utter nonsense.  But it worked.  His poll numbers went up and Angle’s numbers dipped.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there are other factors that come into play as to why Sharron Angle is slipping in the polls, but her hard truth statements about Social Security has contributed towards her sliding numbers; Harry Reid has made sure of it.  A large number of people want politicians to tell them want they want hear and Harry Reid played into this.

Rand Paul is dealing with the same issue in Kentucky.  He came out blazing with the hard truth and won the support of the Tea Party movement in that state.  As soon as he won the Republican nomination he had to back off because he realized that even though the hard truth got him to where he was, most people don’t warm up to it.  And if he was going to increase the size of his tent he needed to modify the message or at least tone it down.  He needs the votes from the center and people in the center tend to prefer the modified less scary version of the truth.  So his team walked him back from his original positions and presented a more voter friendly version of the truth. But how does hearing a friendlier version of the truth really help us?  Well it doesn’t.

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More False Flag? Are Democrats Running Tea Party Candidates?

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More False Flag? Are Democrats Running Tea Party Candidates?

Folks that have read here for the long term know that I have extensively covered false flag ops and troll activities.  So, when I see evidence of it, I try to cover it. Now, we’re starting to see the possibilty that Democrats are running “fake Tea Party” candidates to drain votes from Conservative candidates.

Fox has some coverage of the alleged plants from the Democrats.

In New Jersey, a “Tea Party” candidate surfaces but local activists haven’t heard of him. In Michigan, a Democratic operative appears closely tied to a slate of candidates running under the Tea Party banner. In Florida, conservative activists are locked in court over the right to use the Tea Party name.
The list of peculiar Tea Party happenings goes on and on.
As the midterm election nears, allegations are surfacing across the country that Democrats are exploiting conservatives’ faith in the Tea Party name by putting up bogus candidates in November — the claim is that those “Tea Party” candidates will split the GOP vote and clear the way for Democratic victories. Read more at conservativehideout.com

The Narrative has been Tweaked: Republican Tea Party Contract on America

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The Narrative has been Tweaked: Republican Tea Party Contract on America

The Narrative has been Tweaked: Republican Tea Party Contract on America

This just in, from the brain trust known as the DNC; the new strategy for the Democrats in 2010 is to promote the idea that the Tea Party and Republicans are one in the same.  The snake oil they’re trying to sell to the American people is that it’s a scary and extreme ideology to embrace the concepts of limited government, fiscal responsibility, reforming or ending unsustainable entitlement programs, promoting states’ rights, and challenging unconstitutional laws that encroach on the individual liberties of each and every one us to include the seizure of private property (Financial Reform).  They call it theRepublican Tea Party Contract on America.

They couldn’t resist the urge to throw Bush under the bus again by misrepresenting the truth about his tax cuts that are actually cuts across the board and not just for the wealthy, but that’s a predictable class warfare tactic they have used for years.  An original thought would have been refreshing.   Oh yeah and they also had to sprinkle the big bad oil companies in the mix and how the evil Republican Tea Party wants to protect them.  Hmmm I wonder if they realize that some of the biggest recipients of big oil money were members of their own party.  I wonder if they know that BP actually wrote a large portion of the Cap and Trade bill.  So it does appear that big oil does have a seat of influence at one of the two political parties table.  I’m just not sure it’s the Republican Party’s table.

Below is a video clip of their new ad from the Huffington Post.

So let me see if I’m getting this right.  If you want to repeal two laws that are a direct assault on our individual liberties (ObamaCare and Financial Reform) and that congress had no Constitutional authority to even pass you’re extremists.  What side of the issue do you think Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, or George Washington would have fallen on?  I mean after all they were radical extremists in their own day.

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Here is the latest attempt from the left to create an Astroturf alternative to the Tea Party movement.

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the “tea party” movement must be honored.

In an effort to replicate the tea party’s success, 170 liberal and civil rights groups are forming a coalition that they hope will match the movement’s political energy and influence. They promise to “counter the tea party narrative” and help the progressive movement find its voice again after 18 months of floundering.

The large-scale attempt at liberal unity, dubbed “One Nation,