Why is America the Greatest Country on Earth? Or Is It?

Of course, instead of facing this and holding politicians accountable, our media will continue to play to the distractionsthe nonsense and the irrelevant instead of asking the hard questions, demanding answers and informing voters.

The above quote is from a Questions and Observations post in which Bruce McQuain is talking about how much worse our so-called economic recovery is than we are being told. It is an excellent article which I highly recommend. Today, however, I am more interested in his rebuke of the media in the above quote. Please keep the rebuke in mind while watching the following video.


I first saw the video in a by Brian at Frankenstein Government. I must admit that at first I was aware that I was watching a clip from a TV series. Then it dawned on me that I was watching the actor,  Jeff Daniels. A little time with Google and I learned that this is a clip from the TV seriesNewsroom. I’ve never seen an episode of Newsroom so I don’t know if it usually leans left or leans right

This has to be a quick post today because I’m off to my annual medical check up. I haven’t even had my coffee this morning.  Even I don’t like myself when I have had my coffee.

I am curious to your reaction to what the Daniel charater said in this clip about America not being the greatest country any more. Did it strike a nerve or did it strike a chord that resonates?  But, I was most struck by the comment that American was great before because it was well-informed. The great men he was referring to were old time journalist like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. We don’t have journalist any more. At least not in the maun stream media. Except for a few good journalist in the alternative media, what we have are a bunch of propagandists. It is shameful and I don’t know if there is anyway to change things.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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