Benghazi: Strange String of Command – Buck McKeon Refutes Lovell’s “Insights” – Someone Has Something to Lose

Benghazi: Strange String of Command – Buck McKeon Refutes Lovell’s “Insights” – Someone Has Something to Lose

What does the House Armed Services Committee have to gain or lose by believing (or not) the men in command on the night of September 11, 2012? There is no willingness in Congress to believe the word of those in charge, and it seems there were several, scatters across the globe. There was only one person in charge inside Libya the night of the attacks, and that was Gregory Hicks, Chief of Mission…

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‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Tommy Vietor talks Benghazi with Bret Baier

‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Tommy Vietor talks Benghazi with Bret Baier

Yes, he really did say that.

I guess that he is just better able to move on from the fact that four Americans were killed. No biggie, just get over it, already.

Sorry, and I don’t usually make attacks on people when I post or write articles here at CH2.0, but I have to call a spade a spade and this guy is an idiot. He is a small minded, careless, unfeeling punk who wouldn’t know what valor or…

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Internet Explained

I hadn’t thought about it this way, but it really is the internet explained.

Internet Explained

I hadn’t thought about it this way, but it really is the internet explained.

Ben Rhodes Email Recipients: Most Lead to White House – Even Michelle Obama’s Letter Opener Was Schooled

Ben Rhodes Email Recipients: Most Lead to White House – Even Michelle Obama’s Letter Opener Was Schooled

Maggie, our newest contributor is doing amazing work following the recent developments in the Benghazi scandal. Here is her latest article:


Once again it is Judicial Watch we have to thank for revealing Benghazi information hidden from the public and even Congress. Even Michelle Obama’s “letter opener” was on the Susan Rice Prep email list. Ben Rhodes, Obama’s “Strategic Communications…

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ABC News’ Karl Clashes With Jay Carney Over Benghazi

ABC News’ Karl Clashes With Jay Carney Over Benghazi

It’s a joyful site to see when the MSM finally, FINALLY begins asking the Obama administration the tough questions.

ABC News reporter Jon Karl tangled with White House press secretary Jay Carney Wednesday over a newly released White House email chain covering “talking points” given then-Ambassador Susan Rice after the deadly 2012…

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Texas Boy Scouts: BLM Eyeing Our Camp

Hat/Tip The Cliven Bundy vs BLM incident may be serving to awaken us to what amounts to a land-grab by the BLM.

Benghazi 9/11/12 @ 6:17 pm Susan Rice Given Tweet From Freelancer @JomanaCNN in Libya: Ansar al-Sharia Attacking Benghazi Compound

Benghazi 9/11/12 @ 6:17 pm Susan Rice Given Tweet From Freelancer @JomanaCNN in Libya: Ansar al-Sharia Attacking Benghazi Compound

I’m wading my way through the new documents on Benghazi released by Judicial Watch and found an shocking tweet by CNN freelancer Jomana Karadsheh. The tweet was forwarded to Ambassador Susan Rice on September 11, 2012 at 6:17 p.m. U.S. time, which would be 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. in Benghazi on September 12, 2012. The screen grab from the .pdf shows that the tweet is time-stamped “27m” meaning it was…

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Freedom Is Just Another Word

Freedom Is Just Another Word

What good is our constitution and its first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, if the courts and our elected officials don’t uphold it? Is “freedom”, as Janis Joplin said in her song, Me & Bobby McGee. just another word? To this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, it does seem that we are losing our freedoms at such an alarming rate that maybe freedom is just another word of…

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Being American and Being Obama

Obama AmericanismAs we approach the election, Americans are faced with a choice more fundamental than in past elections.  The choice this year is not just about policy.  The choice this year is about who will embrace America in order to save America.

After watching the new movie by Dinesh D’Souza: 2016 Obama’s America, I came to the conclusion that Barack Obama is missing certain qualities critical to the job.

I concluded that Barack Obama is not American.

Here’s what I mean…

I couldn’t help but compare my version of being an American with what I now consider to be Obama’s.

As I write this, my big brown hound dog is asleep at my feet. My expectant wife is laying on the couch studying a list of baby names. My mind turned to this blog after I finished an important proposal for a prospective client. I just finished my work day, and it’s 11:00 at night.

Running a small business is hard.

And through the course of my life beginning long before this night, I have had 40 years of being American.

Quintessentially American, like the vast majority of others in this country - natural born and immigrant alike. Heck, I’m only a generation away from being an immigrant myself.

My earliest memories, I suppose, are from when I was about 3. I remember my Mom wrapping Christmas presents on the living room floor. I remember getting a pair of six shooters and a Lone Ranger doll with a plastic Silver that year. I think I also got the matching Tonto doll and his trusted Paint horse, Scout.


I remember being about five or six years old, when a favorite pastime was sliding down the slope of my front lawn with Danny, the kid who lived across the street. During that same time period I remember riding a large spring-loaded horse, while my Grampa played the William Tell Overture on an old record player.

This was about the time of our bicentennial. I remember a flag with a “76” on it. I also remember telling my little friends Danny and Kristen, “My parents are voting for Ford,” though I didn’t really know what that meant.

I remember the older, high school boys knocking on the back door to our house to ask Mom if they could play football in our backyard - she always said yes.

We moved and lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids. My Dad - now “Papou” - still lives in that house. Growing up, life was one day after another of kickball in the cal-du-sac, building tree forts in the woods with Billy, Jean-Luc, Pat, Brian, the “other” Billy, and riding our BMX bikes.

We spent endless days down at the creek catching frogs and crayfish and building dams. Other days were spent fishing at Fox Lake (we snuck on to the private land).

One day when I was about 11, my buddy brought over a hack saw, and we cut the lock on my dad’s foot locker from when he was in the Army some 30 years prior. We got hold of his fatigues and belts and played war in the woods for the next two weeks.

In sixth grade I remember having a “boy-girl” party. Looking back it was so funny. We played spin-the-bottle. I think we wore out the record player with songs from Chicago, John Cougar and Michael Jackson.

Summers were spent at the pool, on the swim team. I remember standing there in my suit, hand over my heart, as the National Anthem played over a crackly PA system. To this day, I can’t listen to the Anthem without getting choked up. My Mom told me, “Always win with grace and lose with grace,” and made sure I always shook the hand of the kid in the lane next to me, win or lose.

Thanksgiving was usually spent at my Uncle’s house, just across the street from Valley Forge, PA. After watching Aunt Peggy and Aunt Rene cook all morning, the kids got the small table. We all held hands, while one of the grown-ups said grace. At the time it seemed like a pain.

After dinner, we walked the fields of Valley Forge.

And so it was… throughout my childhood, I learned about my family:

- How my Papou - a greek immigrant - parlayed a job in a local store into owning that store.

- About how my uncles fought the Nazi’s in Europe and the Japanese in the Pacific.

- My Dad telling me about how his mother - my Nana - would from time to time feed dinner to out-of-work men (he called them “hobos”). They ate their plate of food on the back stoop.

- One uncle built a company that eventually turned him into a millionaire.

- How my Mom lived in a “3 room bungalow” with her 5 brothers and sisters when she was a kid.

My American heritage goes on and on…

Off-Summer season was school, fitting in, getting in some trouble here and there and playing outside. I remember how big a deal it was to get a “Members Only” jacket and two years later, getting a “Levi’s Jean Jacket.”

My Mom taught me how to drive. At 13 years old she let me drive the old Lincoln - a 1966 baby blue Continental - to the other end of the neighborhood. My first car ended up being Mom’s worn out 1979 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon, complete with woody sides.

High School was fun. Maybe too much fun. I did a one year stint at Bishop O’Connell High in order to get my grades up, so that I could get into college. My Mom and Dad always supported me, no matter what I got into. I knew when I screwed up, but I also had unconditional love, and I knew that too.

I’ve got a shoebox in my closet full of the many letters Mom wrote me during college. I wish I knew then what I know now about what a parent really thinks and feels.

Sales jobs took me through my first few years out of college. I was in the Internet business and life was good. In 2000-2001 I got laid off 3 times. I kept right on going. In 2009 I got laid off again.

That was the last time I will ever get laid off.

After losing my job that July day in 2009, I went for a jog. Lumbering down the Washington & Old Dominion trail in Vienna, VA, I made up my mind: I was starting my own business.

And I did just that.

The last three years have been TOUGH. With a new wife and two babies at home, launching a business from scratch was a risky decision.

But it is part of my DNA.

Figuring out what products to sell, how to sell them, writing my own contracts, finding outsource providers, servicing clients, getting paid…

Every month, bills come due and I MUST produce.

This year, I grouped up with another company and pooled our resources to form a larger company. We’re still small and there are only 3 partners, but we’re doing it.

We’re really doing it. We’re growing.

We talk a lot about how to hire another sales person, an account manager, how to handle the new customers, how to scale, how we’re going to get paid more, how we can all become hugely successful and do it with the least risk. For three years, I have been working more hours and for much less than I could earn in the corporate world.

My partner has taken a line of credit that he personally collateralized to help manage the company cash flow.

All this to say, this is an American life.

I was not handed anything per se. My Mom was always there for my three sisters and me. My Dad worked tirelessly to provide for us. They taught us to work, to strive for achievement, to be good people, how to love one another. They taught us the power of self-reliance and the power of family.

Now each of us is teaching our children the same lessons.

We are Americans.

This all flashes through my mind in a patriotic blur. Then I consider the life experiences of Barack Obama and what his American experience was and is, and what his parents taught him.

Obama grew up with a communist mother and experienced childhood in Indonesia. He was always surrounded by communists, marxists and radicals as his mentors, teachers and role models, all at the bidding of his Mother. And of course the unseen force of his revolutionary father guiding his ideals and principles, which were all the exact opposite of the ideals and principles I was brought up with.

The documentary 2016 crystallized what it really means to be American, at least as it relates to considering our current President.

Being American cannot be described in a sentence about the Constitution or the founding fathers, or even about liberty. Being American is a collection of life experiences that are unique. Experiences that are only possible when the government exists solely to protect the freedoms granted to us by God.

This is what makes us exceptional.

Beyond the $1.5 trillion in deficits, beyond the $16 trillion debt, beyond the regulatory over-reach, beyond the 8.3% unemployment, beyond the $3.80 gas…

Beyond all of those failures, I am against Barack Obama because, regardless of his citizenship, I don’t consider him to be American in a certain sense. I don’t believe he has the life experiences and consequently the ideals and philosophies that make one distinctly American.

My opinion is that Obama’s life experiences are not just foreign to the American ideal, but are anathema to the ideal.

Think about your childhood. If you are a new immigrant, think about the reason you came to America. Think about why your parents or grandparents came to America. Think about your experiences growing up. Were you the protege of a communist radical? Did your parents obsess about colonialism and how America was robbing the rest of the world?

Is that what you learned as a child?

So as I sit here and look down at my big dumb dog and while I quietly admire my wife, I realize that my collection of life experiences, thoughts and ideas are what make me American. The freedom I have to conceive, develop and build my business makes me American.

And I realize that my collection of experiences is similar to most Americans.

Whether you grew up on a city block in Brooklyn, NY, or a small town in the midwest, or the suburbs of Washington DC, these experiences are similar. They are what bind us. They are also impossible to have without our brand of freedom.

Then I think about Barack Obama…

And I realize he does not share these experiences.

More than that, these experiences are unseemly to Obama. Because to Obama, all that I have, I have because my family stole it from some poorer family. And as Americans, we have these experiences only at the expense of others across the globe.

Not only does Barack Obama not share my American experience, but he holds it in disdain.

Forget about “being” American. Obama doesn’t know what it means to be American.

Teacher Caught on Video Assaulting a Student: Get’s to His Job

What happens when a teacher is caught on video assaulting a student?  He gets to keep his job!  Here is the video…

Here is the information from the video…

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday it is investigating a complaint of an alleged bullying incident, caught on video, involving a student at Kopachuk Middle School in Gig Harbor in February.

The department said it was contacted July 30 by a lawyer representing the parents of the student who was concerned that her clients’ 13-year-old son had been the victim of a bullying incident and that “the incident appeared to be abuse.”

Might it be that the teacher’s union is so powerful, that this man cannot be fired?  I don’t know of many places where you can be charged with teaching and protecting children, and then abuse children, and still not be fired.  But, I guess that is par for the course anymore.

If Teachers Were Paid Minimum Wage to Babysit Students They Would Make $189K/year?

Some people claim that teachers’ are overpaid- they argue that teachers’ only work 9 or 10 months a year and basically most teachers simply babysit kids today. And for that they should be paid a minimum wage.

That’s right- people claim that we should pay teachers $7.50 (roughly the minimum wage in most states) an hour and only pay them for the hours they worked (not any of that silly planning time or any time they spend before or after school). That would be $48.75 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan— that equals 6 1/2 hours).

So, in summary each parent should pay $48.75 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children. Teachers only work about 180 days a year, so that works out to $8775 each year in childcare (per kid) to have teachers babysit your children. That’s a little high for daycare, but is pretty darn close to what some of us pay for our own kids for childcare.

But hold on- let’s look at this from the teacher’s perspective. The average classroom size in America is 23 students. So that means to babysit these students each day the teacher brings in $48.75 x 23 = $1052 a day. If the teacher brings in $1052/day and works 180 days a year, this teacher brings in $189,360.

The average teacher’s salary is about $55,000 though. That’s about $134K less than expected.

Many in the public sector and many union people would argue that the failure here is that people are not paying enough for education- they want higher taxes, more money sent into education, more government control over the process, and more centralized control over education in general coming from Washington DC. They suggest that taxes should be levied on businesses, individuals, homes, and goods that we buy to increase the amount of money that is churned into the education establishment and that if this happened than teachers would be paid more. Probably a bit of the wealth that is extracted from free citizens would in fact find its way to teachers- but this whole argument is missing an important idea- why is so much of parents’ money not finding its way into the classroom now?

The problem is not that government isn’t involved enough here- the problem is that government is too involved in education today. Teachers are being robbed of the wealth that should flow to them for the services that they provide- $134K per year per teacher is being sucked away by non-classroom teachers such as union employees, government bureaucrats, and other useless waste on the system. Oh, some of that money obviously goes to cover administration, those children who free-load because their parents can’t afford to pay, the building costs, bus drivers, and the cost of technology and textbooks- but I doubt that those costs would eat away all of that $134 per teacher per year.

The problem is that education is the government is interfering with the market for supply and demand for education and is running horribly inefficiently. To solve these problems, we need to strengthen the connection between parents paying for education (through local property taxes or direct payments to schools) and the connection between teachers being paid for providing education to these children (without having that money cycle through government bureaucrats all around the United States).

I’m sure my math on this subject is far off, and of course teachers provide much greater service than babysitting, but maybe I’m on to something here- maybe government is not the solution to the problem in education, maybe government is the problem?

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher

Making Use of Distraction is the MO of the Left

Big time criminals often use the “modus operandi” (MO) of creating a disturbance in one part of a city to attract the police, while they are carrying out a crime in another part of the city. Because politicians, especially Democrats, are not much different from criminals, they also use distraction as their MO. And, what greater distraction could they wish for than a hotly contested Presidential election.  While everyone is  focused on the election, they are busy with their criminal acts.

The first item on my hit parade may noy be truly criminal but it should be. Look at this excerpt from a recent Questions and Observation post.

Representatives from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission are due to arrive in Athens next month to assess Greece’s reform efforts.

They are expected to report in time for an 8 October meeting of eurozone finance ministers which will decide on whether to disburse Greece’s next €31bn aid tranche, promised under the terms of the bailout for the country.

American officials are understood to be worried that if they decide Greece has not done enough to meet its deficit targets and withhold the money, it would automatically trigger Greece’s exit from the eurozone weeks before the Presidential election on 6 November.

Oh my … election.  Hey Europe, this is about me!  Suck it up and hold off doing anything until after I win!

The Euro Zone has an  extreme crisis on their hands  that if not handled with care and forethought their entire financial system could come undone. But, our President thinks they should put his reelection hopes ahead of their concerns. Maybe not criminal but certainly shows the psychopathic arrogance of Barack Obama. You didn’t hear about this from the MSM, did you?

Okay, let’s move on to something  that is unquestionably criminal.

From this American Thinker article quoting from The Hill we learn

The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

Here are the slimy details. For some time now on your phone bill there is a charge called The Universal Service Fund, which is one of those “fairness” programs to make sure everyone has access to phone service. Well, some time ago the FCC without authorization from Congress decided it was only “fair” that everyone should also have access to wide-band internet service. So, they just diverted funds from the Universal Service Fund  to a new fund they call the Connect America Fund. But, the FCC ran into a problem. You see, people began using e-mail more and long distance calls less and the fund they were robbing from began to dry up. So, of course, the only solution is to tax broad-band internet service.  And wouldn’t you know, the big internet service companies think this is a great idea. Let the stupid taxpayers foot the bill for expanding the needed infrastructure instead of them. I am pretty sure that Congress passed a law in or about 1999 to prohibit this but I can not find a reference source. However, it doesn’t matter to the Obama administration. To them, laws are just minor inconveniences that can be ignored.

And, now for Number One on my hit parade,

Is there anyone in America, who is not brain-dead, that doesn’t recall what happened in 2008? Of course, everyone remembers the Sub-prime Mortgage Bubble that burst throwing America into the worse recession since the Great Depression. A bubble that was fomented by Democrats starting with the Carter administration. They pressured mortgage lenders to lower their lending standards  such that people who couldn’t afford homes could buy them anyway. All in the name of “fairness”, of course. America is still suffering from the aftermath of this Democrat fiasco. It is reasonable then to believe that no one in their right mind would want to go there again. Everyone except Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, that is. You know her. She is the one that taught Barack Obama “You didn’t build that…”.  This must read article from American Thinker has the details.

…that Elizabeth Warren of the Consumer Finance Protection  Bureau, created by Dodd-Frank, has announced that the CFPB is adopting a  20 page “Policy Statement of Discrimination in Lending”.

The policy  statement’s position is that to deny a loan on the grounds that the  applicant can’t repay the money is discrimination if the applicant is black or Hispanic.

What could I possibly say about this that isn’t patently obvious. Ms. Warren is not only insane; she is a criminal.

So, while we are distracted by what should concern us most, the criminals; aka Democrats, are busy doing their best to destroy this country.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

Barack Obama and the Chamberpot of Secrets

Obama’s 2nd-term Assault On U.S. Military

If these progressive groups have their way, U.S. armed forces will be reduced to a social work-style organization designed to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations and increase “peacekeeping” forces worldwide. The massive, second-term slashes to the military budget are to be used, shockingly, to invest in a defense posture based on “sustainable energy” and fighting worldwide climate change. There is also a plan to wrest control of the military budget from Congress.


Stuff that should have been on “60 Minutes” but wasn’t:

See more at The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection


This explains a lot:

The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts to recruit attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have “psychiatric disabilities” or “severe intellectual disabilities.” … This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities. Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.

According to the documents, those with these “targeted disabilities” may be hired “before the position is advertised” and even “before the position’s closing date.” Moreover, lawyers with psychiatric disabilities and “severe intellectual” disabilities receive a waiver from the requirement that a new DOJ employee have practiced law for one year before being hired. (The PJ Tatler » Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, and the ‘Intellectually Disabled’)

Yes, indeed. What this country needs to administer ‘justice’ are psycho attorneys with severe intellectual disabilities and no legal experience to bolster the hoards of left-wing Bolshevik barristers already in place at the DOJ.  Wait a minute … isn’t that how we got Holder?


The first term hasn’t exactly been a hard day’s night for Barry — hell, it’s not even been a hard day’s day.  No wonder he’s the undisputed champion of the Welfare State:

From his earliest days as an adult, Barack Obama has shown a marked aversion to…well…work. (More evidence of Obama’s poor work ethic)


Valerie Jarrett Tells Obama – Sleep In And Then Take The Rest Of The Day Off…

Barack Obama’s daily schedule is often rather light on the actual work of being president and heavy on campaigning or entertaining with celebrities, but today’s schedule really brings home the reality of the Man Calling Himself Obama – the guy is clearly simply a mouthpiece for the true powers who built the Obama throne…

Obama Schedule – Thursday, August 23, 2012

12:05 pm || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern

Par for the course, of course.  Here’s the presidential ‘work’ month from last May:

 During the month of May [2011], which included 21 working days, President Obama claims he worked about 92 hours (91.95 to be exact). That’s according to the White House schedule, posted on the Website. That equates to an exhausting 4.4 hours per day. Excluding his grueling G8 summit travels during the week of May 23 (when he was forced to endure eight hour work days!), Mr. Obama worked an average of 3.25 hours per day when at the White House in May.

… and on the seventh day, he rested. A hundred rounds of golf can do that to a man.  But Obama is not just any man.  As Dan Greenfield says:

[…] The rule of thumb is that the more incompetent the man at the top is, the more of a buffoon the man just below him needs to be to make him look good … No halfway responsible man would have deliberately chosen an idiot as his potential replacement. But an administration that has done the things to America that this one has done is not in any way responsible.

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Original Post:  Be Sure That You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Regionalism (Agenda 21) and Governor Chris Christie

Regionalism is the concept that the suburbs, through their taxes, should support the costs of their nearby city core. It comes straight out of the UN Agenda 21 where they use terms like “smart growth” and “sustainable development” or “sustainable living”. Regionalism is a favorite of “Community Organizers” like you know who. So, why is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersy, a darling of many conservatives and a keynote speaker at this year’s Republican National Convention supporting regionalism in his state? We will get to that in a moment. First, let’s review what “regionalism” is all about.

I first posted on the subject of regionalism about three weeks ago. In this post, I parsed an article at National Review by Stanely Kurtz on his new book,  Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. Quoting myself from that post:

Have you ever heard of the concept of “regionalism”? I vaguely recall reading that term in some research I did a while back on Agenda 21. Mr. Kurtz explains that Obama learned to embrace regionalism from his Chicago community organizing mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation. “Regionalism” is the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. Kurtz says that the relationship with his community organizing mentors continues to this day.

Via Real Clear Politics,  came across another article about the Kurtz book at New Geography that is excellent and I hope you will bookmark it and read at your leisure if you want to know more about “regionalism”.  This article has some very interesting and important data. Take a look at this quote and the graph that follows:

Opponents of the suburbs have long favored amalgamating local governments (such as cities, towns, villages, boroughs and townships). There are two principal justifications. One suggests “economies of scale” — the idea that larger local government jurisdictions are more efficient than smaller governments, and that, as a result, taxpayers will save. The second justification infers that a larger tax base, including former suburbs, will make additional money available to former core cities, which are routinely characterized as having insufficient revenues to pay for their services. Both rationales are without foundation.

As you can see, bigger is not necessarily better and more efficient. The cities studied do not have a revenue problem. They have a spending problem. Sound familiar?

What does this regionalism have to do with Governor Chris Christie?  Fox News has he story. It seems that cash strapped Camden, New  Jersey, one of the most crime ridden and dangerous cities in the United States, is planning to do away with their police force and let the county provide that service.

In the latest example of a cash-strapped municipality taking drastic measures to deal with swollen public sector liabilities and shrinking budgets, the city plans to disband its 460-member police department and replace it with a non-union “Metro Division” of the Camden County Police. Backers of the plan say it will save millions of dollars for taxpayers while ensuring public safety, but police unions say it is simply a way to get out of collective bargaining with the men and women in blue.


The department has been under the control of the state since 2005, when a power struggle between then-Mayor Gwendolyn Faison and the department prompted Faison to ask the state to take over. That arrangement is set to expire and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has thrown his support behind the transition to county control, which he indicated will help keep costs down.

“A county police force that has a reasonable contract, and that’s going to provide a huge increase in the number of police officers on the streets here in Camden, is a win for everybody,” Christie said at a recent event at Rutgers-Camden University, where he signed a reform bill for higher education. “I’m willing to put my name on the line for this concept.”

The good Governor may regret putting his name on the line for “this concept”. Is Christie stupid? Has he gone over to the other side? Although I am not a big fan of Chris Christie, I don’t think he is stupid nor do I think he is a liberal in disguise. My guess is that like so many of our fellow Americans, I suspect that Christie is unaware of Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Living, and Regionalism. These concepts receive the support of Democrats and Republicans, as well as, liberals and conservatives because the projects and the ideas being pushed always sound so good. Christie and the county surounding Camden had better wake up. I predict that the people of the suburbs of Camden are going to get screwed. They will eitheer pay higher taxes to cover the cost of policing Camden, or they will do with less services in their own areas. And, I doubt that Xamden will do any better in the end.

While we are rightly focused on the coming elections and the economy and our own well being and that of the nation, other Marxist leaning folks are going about the implementation of Agenda 21 and all of its nice sounding programs. Some of us are working hard to educate the people. But, to me, it is inexcusable that someone like Chris Christie doesn’t know what is happening under his own nose. This man was being pushed by many conservatives to run for the Presidency. Mit Romney considered him as a potential running mate. But, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the Governor.  I have no reason to believe that Romney and Ryan are any more aware of the dangers of Agenda 21.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire

A Plea to Government Officials to Stop Their Amateur Meddling in Business

Last week at a political event I had an interesting conversation with several other Republican city officials regarding what to do with a local vacant shopping mall. These were all nice people- one owned a local business, one was a nurse, another worked for a charity- and all of them have a vote on the city board and all of them were properly concerned regarding the vacant and non-taxpaying property in the city. But, and I think this is very important, none of them were real estate investors or successful operators of shopping malls.

They were simply nice people with no knowledge of how to make that particular business work who found themselves holding a little bit of local political power. And they let that little bit of political power go straight to their heads. They told me that they had sat down with the owner of that property and told him how that property should be developed, that acting as agents for the city they had lectured him about what sorts of businesses they thought would be great to put in there (with no market research to back those up), and they proudly told me how they tried to make this private business owner (who was sitting on a bad investment) do what they wanted to do.

Government officials at every level- unless you are an expert in real estate redevelopment or unless you are a private investor who wants to use your own money to do whatever you want to do- stay out of other people’s business. You are not elected to play lord and master, you are not elected to ignorantly lecture businessmen, and you are not elected to try to impose your vision on other people- you are elected to do a job and to do it right.

The only conversation that a government official should have with a property owner of a vacant shopping mall is one where the government official asks what sorts of laws, regulations, and government barriers can he/she remove to encourage the development of that property. That’s it.

These Republican amateur meddlers asked me what I would do if I had been on the city board, and I told them I would do nothing, and they laughed- but the truth of the matter is that the first instinct of a government official should be ‘do no harm’ and this means not meddling, lecturing, or getting in the way of private businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or if you are a Democrat- as a government official, you are a servant of the people and that thought should always be foremost in your thoughts. Do not attempt to meddle in affairs that you have almost no knowledge of, do not attempt to boss around a business without knowing its market or seeing its books, and do not try to use the little power given to you by taxpayers to impose your own views and vision on others. Freedom, liberty, equality before the law, and protection of property should guide your actions, thoughts, and decisions.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher